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Our mission is to grow a business ecosystem that functions as a platform where users, creators, entrepreneurs and partners can create exceptional connections and communities with enriching experiences that thrive make Africa thrive.

Be part of a diverse social community steadily on the rise by joining ayoba as a private user, content creator or development partner now.

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Partnership options

Join our growing business ecosystem and take your service to the next level by listing it on ayoba and creating your own MicroApp.

Service Partnerships

Launching a micro-apps for your service on ayoba offers numerous benefits, including simplicity and storage optimization, low product development cost, faster time to market, effective onboarding, and marketing support within ayoba's ecosystem. Ayoba's mobile-first vision aligns with the importance of mobile-first strategies in Africa and the growing base of low-end smartphones.

Games Partnerships

Ayoba is on a mission to build the best free online games selection platform for our users. We offer instant play without additional downloads, login, or popups and we’re continuously looking to onboard new .html5 game titles from a variety of genres for our growing community of casual gamers. Connect with us and let’s get your games catalogue live in our digital playground.

Brand Partnerships

Ayoba has launched display ads in well trafficked sections of our app. This integration allows for delivery of millions of impressions across our footprint with a highly engaged audience in areas like music, sport & fashion. Seed your content or messaging directly to the market by placing your content into an ayoba channel – or let us create that content for you. We target by contextual relevance to ensure you reach the the correct audience. We offer campaigns by territory, region or the whole African continent.

Content Partnerships

ayoba is always on the lookout for the best content for our huge user base. Content is primarily in English and French, but we do enjoy content in African languages as well. Content is arranged into editorial channels, which have a vertical scrolling format. We can take images, videos, podcasts, editorial and more; manually or via RSS feeds.

Communication API partnerships

The ayoba business API is catered for your medium to large business if you are looking to connect with their customers, scale engagement and drive better customer support outcomes. Send branded, professional messages directly to your customers via ayoba.

What makes our platform special?

ayoba appeals to a mindset not just a functional need. Our 25 million users are active protagonists in their life stories and in their communities across the African continent in person and online.

They are proud of their indigenous roots & broader African culture. They are optimistic about their lives, in spite of the challenges they face. ayoba is the all-in-one compass that keeps them connected to a broader digital community through messaging, music, games, current affairs, lifestyle and more. It also functions as a platform for education, access to local services including personal and business development. ayoba users represent a powerhouse network that when tapped into can create mutual development and success. Join our growing community of future digital powerhouses, content fans and creators, entrepreneurs, continent audiences and buyers by joining ayoba now.

Connect your business to a network of over 30 million users.

Partners can gain access to a large and engaged user base, and expose their own business, brand or content to the ayoba userbase. The free data we offer means that we have access to users that take advantage of our offer to access content and business services more frequently, and when they have run out of their own data.

Talk to the right territory in a language that resonates.

Partners can provide access via ayoba to a territory, region or Pan African. The app is mainly in English and French but we can offer African languages as well. Did you know that ayoba is one of a handful of platforms that can speak to the African continent in one post, whilst offering partners the opportunity to boost that post for maximum engagement.

Enjoy an extended engagement with the users.

Users on ayoba tend to engage a little longer due to the popularity of the platform. The free data we offer our users also keeps our users with us for extended periods.

MicroApps partners benefit from free marketing and promotion within the Super-App ecosystem

Enjoy app-like features without the need for separate app development, and provide a seamless transaction experience using ayoba's integrated payment solutions. Ayoba also enables digital inclusion by empowering businesses to establish a robust online presence and builds customer trust and credibility through its established brand.

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