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Chats, call and share

Chat. Ayoba allows you to send and receive chat and voice messages instantly. Group chats can also be set up to chat to friends and family altogether. Did you know that you can also chat to contacts who don’t have the app? The message will be sent as a text message and their response will come through as a chat.

Call. Ayoba offers voice and video calling, right from the chat screen *Free data does not apply to this feature

Share. You can share photos, voice notes and files. How about your location or status?

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With over 150 FREE channels, get the latest in sports, fashion, beauty, news, comedy, health, entertainment, education, empowerment and more. All free to use. Content is updated daily, and is available in English, French, Arabic and select local languages including isiZulu, Kinyarwanda and more.

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Want the latest playlists? Ayoba offers free access to our music playlists bringing you daily updates on the latest international and African music. You’ll find the latest hits and those old favourites as well, covering afrobeats, amapiano, gospel, pop, hip-hop and more. Playlists are set up for each country so you’ll find your homegrown hits. *Not available in all countries.

New Music South Africa

1.5 hrs - 20 songs

New Music Ghana

1.8 hrs - 33 songs

Les Nouveautes

1.2 hrs - 17 songs

New Music Ghana

2.2 hrs - 35 songs

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Play a wide variety of exciting and interactive games on ayoba. Choose from action, adventure, children's games and much more! Discover all the fun with free access.


action adventure




roleplay / simulation



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Free data

Money transfers

In certain territories you can also use MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) to check your balances as well as send and receive money in a safe and secure way - all while never leaving the ayoba app!

*(Only available in Ghana, Uganda, Congo B and Cameroon).

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There are individual Services within the ayoba app that offer a range of content and services. The content ranges from streaming channels, podcasts and services to assist you with your moving needs. The availability of these mini apps may differ per country. Join our developer community and list your Service by clicking on this link: https://developer.ayoba.me/

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