About us

Ayoba, Africa’s leading communication platform (app) was developed in Africa to spread throughout the world. Our heritage enables us to recognise the many languages and cultures across the African continent and the globe to bring relevant content and a unique communication platform to all. Ayoba is more than a platform, more than an app. Ayoba is an experience expressed through shared signals. Ayoba connects people on a value basis and leverages an African Identity.
Since its launch in May 2019, ayoba has reached millions of users across the African continent and beyond. It offers users free access to an ecosystem of digital and rich media services through channels, services and payment solutions, embedded within an African super-app. Ayoba is owned and managed by Simfy Africa Pty Ltd, based in Cape Town South Africa.


May 2019

Live in Cameroon

June 2019

First 8 channels published

February 2020

Games go live

May 2020

MoMo live in Cameroon

August 2020

MusicTime live in ayoba in 12 territories

November 2020

Ayoba wins mobile app of the year

May 2020

Services launch

August 2020

Voice and video calling goes live

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*Available to MTN users

Ivory Coast
South Africa

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South Africa

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